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【fouatons(ふわっとん)コラボ】メイデン・ローズ | ブラウス

Indie Brand: Lumiebre 刺绣 合作款

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属性 英文名、年代、货号、胸围、长度、腰围、肩宽、袖长、材质

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A collaboration product with illustrator “fouatons”.
A blouse with a large frill on a silky shirt.
Georgette switching with a transparent neck creates femininity.
The point is the casual rose embroidery of the same color.
The long cuffs at hand give a neat impression.
The soft off-white color is both casual and formal.
You can mix and match a wide range of styles.

Other Made in Japan
Precautions when washing Due to the characteristics of the material, the color may fade due to abrasion, moisture, sweat, etc., so please be careful when wearing it in white or light colors.
Please avoid ironing the gathered part.
Do not tumble dry.
Please wash dark color and white / light color separately.
Precautions for handling When cleaning, please check the handling picture display.

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英文名 Lumiebre x Fouatons Collaboration Maiden Rose Blouse
年代 2020
货号 0110-19001
胸围 96 cm
长度 58 cm
腰围 112 cm
肩宽 35 cm
袖长 58 cm
材质 BODY: 100% cotton | OTHER: 100% polyester | LACE: 100% nylon (mesh part) | OUTER THREAD: 100% rayon | INNER THREAD: 100% cotton