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MeLikesTea Casual Cupcake Petticoat – Voile

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属性 年代、货号、长度、腰围、材质

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Poof level: ★★✰✰✰*
This model has a simpler construction compared to the other models on the website so it has less fabric per layer, which means it will always be less poofy than the other models even if they are made in the same length and number of layers.
The fact that the construction is simpler also affects its performance with heavier skirts and dresses, being more interesting for light skirts and dresses or to achieve a more casual look.*Changes in the length will change the final volume.

Mixed colours available.

Original price $R309

lo娘百科 (production) v0.6.2-311-g5a83bf0


年代 2019
货号 PT03V
长度 35, 40, or 45cm options
腰围 Custom
材质 100% Polyester