Bodyline OP 套装 披风

ケープ付梯子レースドレス L082

单色 日牌

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约合 ¥361.31
属性 英文名、年代、货号、胸围、长度、腰围、肩宽、袖长、材质
[Official colorways]
– Black x offwhite
– Pink x offwhite
– Sax x offwhite
– Beige x beige (new colorway for rerelease)
– Brown x beige (new colorway for rerelease)
– Red x beige (new colorway for rerelease)
– Wine x beige (new colorway for rerelease)

[Set contents] Dress, cape, head bow

[Design notes] OP has side zip to help put it on and take it off. The cape itself does not have any kind of closure to keep it on.

[Release info] Original release in 2010 was three colorways (black, pink, sax) and in M size only. Rereleased at some point after 2010 in additional colorways, and added L and 2L sizes, under same item number.

[Alternate name] Ribbon Lacy Dress with Cape (newer release was sold under this name)

lo娘百科 (production) v0.6.2-352-g311a000



英文名 Ladder Lace OP and Cape Set (L082)
年代 2010
货号 L082
胸围 M: 94 cm | L: 98 cm | 2L: 102 cm
长度 (Dress) M: 91 cm | L: 93 cm | 2L: 95 cm || (Cape) M: 32 cm | L: 33 cm | 2L: 34 cm
腰围 M: 74 cm | L: 78 cm | 2L: 82 cm
肩宽 M: 37 cm | L: 38 cm | 2L: 39 cm
袖长 (short) M: 23 cm | L: 23.5 cm | 2L: 24 cm || (long) M: 68 cm | L: 69.5 cm | 2L: 71 cm
材质 Original release: Cotton, other || Rerelease: Polyester, other