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グラシエ | パゴダ日傘・晴雨兼用・レディース

Indie Brand: Lumiebre 合作款 提花 玫瑰 蕾丝

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A gorgeous pagoda parasol with wide frills, as if wrapped in a veil. Based on Lumiebre’s original rose pattern jacquard fabric, it is an elegant design with satin box tuck frills and delicate lace frills. The inside is stretched with lace to add luxury to the invisible areas.
* Yasuko Ueda Fashion College collaboration product

Product type ★ Parasol (for both UV protection and sunny and rainy weather)
★ Short type

Umbrella fabric: 100% cotton (yarn-dyed jacquard weave)
Inner lace: 100% nylon
Ruffles: 100% cotton
Frilled lace: 100% nylon mesh / 100% rayon front yarn / 100% cotton back yarn
Top frills and bottom frills: 100% polyester
Middle bar: Aluminum
Ribbon: Fiberglass
Hand: Acrylic

Overall length: about 83 cm
Width when opened: Approximately 80 cm (approximately 85 cm including frills)
Length of rib: 47 cm
Weight: Approximately 590g
Opening and closing hand-opening type

Processing Water repellent processing
UV cut processing (below, UV cut rate)
・ White: 97.0% or more
・ Black: 99.0% or more
Others MADE IN CHINA (Umbrella fabric is made in Japan)

lo娘百科 (production) v0.6.2-311-g5a83bf0


英文名 Lumiebre Glacier Pagoda Parasol
年代 2020
货号 0101-18005