Metamorphose Temps de Fille JSK

【プラスサイズ】Royal Crown Cat リボンジャンパースカート

书柄(童话故事) 日牌 流苏 猫咪 皇冠 窗帘

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属性 英文名、年代、货号、胸围、长度、腰围、材质、Skirt Length
[Official Colorways]
– Onyx Black : black crepe de Chine/ black ribbon/ gold lace/ gold tassel fringe
– Sapphire Blue : blue crepe de Chine/ blue ribbon/ gold lace/ gold tassel fringe
– Garnet Red : bordeaux crepe de Chine/ bordeaux ribbon/ gold lace/ gold tassel fringe
* layered tulle lace on the ribbon : black x gold embroidery
* bijou button : clear x gold

[Design Notes] lined, shirred back, pull over
♢ accessories of this item (detachable)
* shoulder strap
* waist ribbon brooch x 1
* back waist ribbon (detachable by button)

★Length: BC-78cm(30.7in) / BNP-103cm(40.5in)
★Bust: 99cm(38.9in) ~ approx. max 140cm(55.1in)
★Waist: 87cm(34.2in) ~ approx. max 125cm(49.2in)
★Skirt Length: W-64cm(25.1in)
*The minimum size is the size measured on a flat surface without pulling on the shirring part. Since elastic thread is used for the shirring part, please note that it may be slightly different from the indicated size due to the thickness of the fabric.
*Please note that depending on your body shape, you may be feel tight, and it may be difficult to wear even within the size range.
*This product is a pullover dress. To wear, the bust or hips need to pass through the maximum waist size.

[Brand Comment] The noble appearance cats sit close to the crown with glittering jewels …♡ The tassel fringe is perfect for delicate ribbons and prints, and the royal mood of dress is perfect for the day when you want to dress up! Highly recommend to match with Royal Crown Cat Half Bonnet and Royal Crown Cat Printed Over the Knee Socks to make your style perfect♪

Also released in Regular Size (item number 12014007) and Plus Plus Size (item number 12014009). 

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英文名 Royal Crown Cat Ribbon JSK (Plus Size)
年代 2021
货号 12014008
胸围 99cm(38.9in) ~ approx. max 140cm(55.1in)
长度 BC-78cm(30.7in) / BNP-103cm(40.5in)
腰围 87cm(34.2in) ~ approx. max 125cm(49.2in)
材质 original "Royal Crown Cat" printed fabric (100% polyester), crepe de Chine (100% polyester), bijou button, lurex torchon lace, two-color dyeing tulle lace, dull satin ribbon, tassel fringe
Skirt Length W-64cm(25.1in)