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单色 日牌

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属性 英文名、年代、货号、胸围、长度、腰围、肩宽、袖长、材质、Skirt Length、Sleeve Width

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[Official colorways]
– Saxon Gray
– Pink Lavender

[Brand comment] -Beautiful lace bouquet of lily of the valley flowers- New colors coming to you from the popular Lily of the Valley lace dress. In two colors, “Saxon Gray” and “Pink Lavender”. Both are calm and subdued pastel colors unique to Innocent World. In France, it is an old custom to give lily of the valley flowers to loved ones on May 1st. This is called the Lily of the Valley Festival. Every year on May 1st, all of France is full of lily of the valley flowers. The flower language of lily of the valley is “the return of happiness”. This skirt that flows out from the waist creates a beautiful silhouette which is a unique design of Innocent World.

lo娘百科 (production) v0.6.2-319-g6a310f6


英文名 Lily of the Valley Lace OP (2021 2nd Release)
年代 2021
货号 211602-1
胸围 M: 95 cm/ L: 99 cm
长度 M: 112 cm/ L: 114 cm
腰围 M: 72 cm/ L: 76 cm
肩宽 M: 34 cm/ L: 35 cm
袖长 M: 45 cm/ L: 46 cm
材质 outer material: 100 % Polyester; other material: 100 % Polyester
Skirt Length 75 cm
Sleeve Width 25 cm