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キャンドル | パゴダ日傘・晴雨兼用・レディース

Indie Brand: Lumiebre 蕾丝 装饰

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A new version of the popular “Chandelier series”.
The UV-processed fabric that cuts UV rays well, and the transparent organdy switching creates coolness.
The size of the short type, which is easy to use, has not changed, and the inside is stretched with lace to give an even more elegant impression.
Product type ★ Parasol (for both UV protection and sunny and rainy weather)
★ Short type

Umbrella fabric: 100% cotton (yarn-dyed jacquard weave)
Body part use: 100% polyester
Inner lace: 100% nylon
Middle bar: Aluminum
Ribbon: Fiberglass
Hand: Rattan roll

Overall length: about 80 cm
Width when opened: Approximately 80 cm (approximately 82 cm including frills)
Length of rib: 47 cm
Weight: Approximately 370g
Opening and closing hand-opening type

Processing Water repellent processing
UV cut processing (below, UV cut rate)
・ Black: 98.7% or more
・ Wine red: 98.4% or more
・ Purple: 98.1% or more
Others MADE IN CHINA (Umbrella fabric is made in Japan)

lo娘百科 (production) v0.6.2-314-gedd7ad7


英文名 Lumiebre Candle Pagoda Parasol
年代 2020
货号 0101-19003