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军装风 单色 日牌

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属性 英文名、年代、货号、胸围、长度、腰围、肩宽、袖长、Skirt Length
 OP:バスト76cm~90cm位 肩幅37cm 袖丈61cm W64cm~84cm位 着丈81cm スカート:Wフリー W幅3cm 総丈53cm
 OP:バスト80cm~96cm位 肩幅38.5cm 袖丈62cm W68cm~88cm 着丈83cm スカート:Wフリー W幅3cm 総丈55cm” 

A coat dress with an impressive double decorative button and tie.
A 3-piece set consisting of a dress, a tie, and a skirt (with lining).
You can wear it as a dress or as a haori coat.
The accompanying tie and skirt use the same fabric
The front has a double zipper, and you can open the zipper from below, so you can enjoy coordination showing the combined bottom. The back style is laced and the waist can be adjusted.
In addition to the black x Bordeaux image, there is also navy blue x white.

* A 3-piece set with a tie and skirt.
* Please note that accessories are not included.
* The photo is a sample. Specifications may change without notice.

* Scheduled to arrive sequentially from the end of January to the beginning of February 2021 *

[Size details]
“[M size]
OP: Bust 76cm-90cm, Shoulder width 37cm, Sleeve length 61cm, W64cm-84cm, Length 81cm, Skirt: W-free, W width 3cm, Total length 53cm
[L size]
OP: Bust 80cm-96cm Shoulder width 38.5cm Sleeve length 62cm W68cm-88cm Length 83cm Skirt: W-free W width 3cm Total length 55cm “

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英文名 Sylvie OP with Skirt
年代 2020
货号 BZ6365
胸围 M: 76cm-90cm, L: 80cm-96cm
长度 M: 81cm, L: 83cm
腰围 M: 64cm-84cm, L: 68cm-88cm
肩宽 M: 37cm, L: 38.5cm
袖长 M: 61cm, L: 62cm
Skirt Length M: 53cm, L: 55cm