Putumayo 上衣

ARCAREAFACT アルゴン・エル・ドラード・ダァンスパーカ

合作款 日牌 条纹 音乐

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The 10th collaboration project with the sound game app [SHOW BY ROCK !!] that anyone can easily play with a lot of various music and attractive characters !
“ARCAREAFACT” Argon (D) image item.
A hoodie with member colors and musical instruments as motifs!
Though it is thin, it is made with mercerized smoothness that looks and feels a little rich.
The band logo is embroidered on the chest in gold, the drum is printed on the back, and the rose-colored stripe pattern is printed on the inside of the hood.
In addition, the hood is folded back so that the inner pattern can be seen flickering.
The predecessor W slider zip also has a color scheme that matches the character.
With a heart-shaped badge for each character.
lo娘百科 (production) v0.6.2-311-g5a83bf0


英文名 ARCAREAFACT Argon El Dorado Dance Parka
年代 2017
货号 71240092s
胸围 112cm
长度 74cm
肩宽 46cm
袖长 66cm
材质 Cut and sewn material Body 100% cotton