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军装风 单色 无柄图 日牌

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属性 英文名、年代、货号、胸围、长度、腰围、肩宽、袖长、材质、Skirt Length

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 ◎1期お渡し:2021年3月末日以降順次入荷予定【1期分 黒×ボルドー 2月6日完売御礼】
 サンプルMサイズ:バスト93cm(83~98cm) ウエスト77.5cm(66~82.5cm) 肩幅37.2cm 袖丈62cm 着丈 最長101.5cm
 スカート:W58~86cm位 W幅3cm 総丈53cm
 サンプルLサイズ:バスト98cm(88~103cm) ウエスト81.5cm(70~86.5cm)肩幅38.5cm 袖丈63cm 着丈 最長103cm
 スカート:W62~92cm位 W幅3cm 総丈54cm
 表地:ポリエステル65% レーヨン35% ポリエステル100%

A dignified one-piece jacket with an impressive double decorative button. You can wear it as an OP or as a jacket. This item is a set of miniskirts of the same color as the ribbon on the neckline. There is a yoke on the front, which you can remove or wear if you like. With the front double zipper, you can open the zipper from below, so you can enjoy the coordination that shows the combined bottom. The waist can be adjusted with the back lacing.
* A 3-piece set with a ribbon around the neck and a skirt.
* Please note that accessories such as hats are not included.

◎ Delivery for the 1st term: Scheduled to arrive sequentially after the end of March 2021
 [For the 1st term Black x Bordeaux Thank you for being sold out on February 6]
◎ Second term delivery (Black x Bordeaux): Scheduled to arrive sequentially from mid-April 2021

 * The arrival schedule may change. Please note
* The sample photo is navy blue x white short sleeves, the product version is a long sleeve design.
The specifications of the chest ribbon and skirt will be changed from white to dark blue

* The shoulder width is 38.5 cm for the L size sample size.
Since the shoulder part of the sleeve is a puff sleeve and has a bulge, there is room in the shoulder width of about +2 cm from the sample size. 

[Size details]
Sample M size: Bust 93 cm (83-98 cm) Waist 77.5 cm (66-82.5 cm) Shoulder width 37.2 cm Sleeve length 62 cm Length up to 101.5 cm Skirt: W58-86 cm, W width 3 cm, total length 53 cm
Sample L size: Bust 98 cm (88-103 cm) Waist 81.5 cm (70-86.5 cm) Shoulder width 38.5 cm Sleeve length 63 cm Length up to 103 cm Skirt: W62-92 cm, W width 3 cm, total length 54 cm
Outer: 65% polyester, 35% rayon; 100% polyester
Lining: 100% polyester

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英文名 Dean Jacket OP L Size
年代 2021
货号 BZ6299
胸围 M: 93 cm (83-98 cm), L: 98 cm (88-103 cm)
长度 M: 101.5, L: 103cm
腰围 M: 77.5 cm (66-82.5 cm), L: 81.5 cm (70-86.5 cm)
肩宽 M: 37.2cm, L: 38.5cm
袖长 M: 62cm, L: 63cm
材质 Outer: 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon; 100% Polyester; Lining: 100% Polyester
Skirt Length M: 53cm, L: 54cm